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safe treatment for baldness

Covering head with wig

As we know there are generally many treatments available for curing baldness and bringing back hair. People use sticking wigs which fit onto your head and give you a full hair natural look. Whereas, it is also observed that these wigs can be itchy and can cause you skin rashes and allergies. It also is assumed that the remaining hair also starts diminishing with the regular usage of these wigs. 

Using transplant surgery
The modern research has proved that there are serious dangers involved when it comes to transplant surgery. According to a survey 70% of transplant surgery goes wrong badly with side effects causing skin disease. Hair transplant can be harmful for brain causing headaches and even insanity.

Using hair oil
Hair oil can nourish your roots to grow hair and it good when it comes to protection from sun. Hair oil keeps your hair healthy but it only slows the procedure of hair fall and can not help in regrowing. Mostly brands that claim to regrow hair through oil are bluffing as hair oil and tonics intend to only help existing hair to grow thicker and better.

Using Keratin hair fiber
Keratin hair fiber are used for thickening your hair and covering up empty gaps. Caboki hair building fiber is a famous keratin fiber product which helps in covering up your head nicely. If you are looking for an instant natural full hair look then it is advised to use Caboki as it is completely safe without any side effects. It is also important to understand that Caboki is a temporary hair solution just like makeup which will wash off when applied water. 

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