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For Order Call us at 03005554971 , 03215559377 , 03003393671
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Hot Belt in Saudi Arabia

Price 125 Riyal For Order Call SMS or Whatsapp at 0565867205

What is hot belt?
Weight loss for an ideal physique can be achieved using a waist band. Hot belt is a neoprene fabric coated waist band that has the ability of producing heat in order to make you sweat and burn off body fat surrounding your waist naturally without any side effects. It is a helpful sports wear item which can be used on daily basis during routine work and exercise.

How does it work?

Hot belt helps your body to control your body from expanding fat. It helps in reducing weight and size to normalize your figure from midsection so that you can live a happy and healthy life. Hot Belt in Saudi Arabia gives your body a firm flat belly shape and helps you balance with diet with a nice appetite. It keeps you together by straightening your posture and giving support for your back.

How to use hot belt?

Hot belt is easy to wear and use, simply pull it up to your waist height making sure it is not loose and tact well against your waist surrounding. It is important to wear hot belt beneath your clothing so that its neoprene fabric makes direct contact with your skin for desired results. You can wear it daily for 3 - 4 hours and make sure you take it off before going to sleep. 

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