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how to make round chapatti with roti maker?

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How to make fast round Roti?

Women who are facing trouble with making round chapatti/roti can now sit back and relax as there is a roti maker in town now. This incredible kitchen appliance has made your life much easier by giving you the perfect ideal round shaped chapatti within a few minutes. Roti maker is a new innovation particularly for women who use to work for hours in the kitchen in order to make the perfect chapatti. Now simply, behold and see kitchen work at its best without a sweat use roti maker and make you’re cooking professional and very easy.


How to use Roti Maker?

Roti Maker is quite easy and simple to use, as the mechanism is a press and hold down pan lever that allows your chapatti to cook from both sides with precise heating. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about any gas or fuel recharge as it is electrical so simply just plug in and use. Use a round chunk of dough of precise quantity for making a regular size chapatti and place the dough inside the Roti Maker and close the lid, now wait for a few minutes till the dough pressed dough is now cooked inside the Roti maker. After the process of heating is done open the lid up and behold an instant perfectly round shaped chapatti is ready to serve.


Precautions on using Roti Maker

Make sure you clean before usage and after usage of the inside pan so that it stays clean, stainless and hygienic for further use. Use with care and keep away from wet surface. Make sure the dough placed is no bigger than the inside pan otherwise the dough will fall out and will be left raw. You can use a bit of oil in order to make soft chapatti. Roti Maker should be used for making chapatti only as it is not designed for baking pan cakes or other similar items.



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