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Are you looking for a Tib-e-Nabvi (S.A.W) formula?

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Where to find ajwa paste?

The best Tib-E-Nabvi (SAW) formula which contains saffron, date fruit seed powder, Ajwa date fruit paste, black seeds (kalonji) and pure honey which is put together to create this perfect edible paste that provides good health for your body. This formulated essential is called Madni Shifa e Ajwa Paste which is easily available with cash on delivery throughout Pakistan.



What are the benefits of ajwa paste?

Madni ajwa paste has the ability to strengthens special organs (Heart, Liver, Brain) and very useful in cardiovascular diseases. Provide new force to body by eliminating body & sexual problems. Considerably increases virility. It strengthens body bones & teeth by eliminating lack of calcium. It is known as the best remedy for all types of pain specially joints pain. It helps lose obesity by eradicating extra fats. It keeps the body strong, proportionate & attractive. It Protects from Cancer. It increases memory. Eliminates cold season diseases, provides countless nutritional forces. Sharpen the vision of eyes. It controls blood pressure. It increases children growth & height. It protects from skin diseases. It radiates causes of hair fall.



How to use Madni Shifa e Ajwa Paste?

Madni shifa e ajwa paste can be used daily half tea spoon with a glass of warm milk in breakfast. It can be taken twice a day as well. It Is suitable for all ages and for all patients. In case of diabetes please take 1/3 tea spoon with warm glass of water in the morning. It will provide strength better metabolism with energy to fight against diabetes. Make sure you take regular walk in morning if you are diabetic as the consumption will also make your muscles and bones much stronger. Madni Shifa e ajwa paste helps in the growth and development of children so that their body is nice and healthy without any deficiency. It is a brilliant formula that can be used in every way which is helpful for every person of every age.




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